SASSA Grant Increase: Will it Happen and How Much in 2024?

Updated on January 10, 2024

SASSA Increase 2024: Possibility and Amount of SASSA Grant Increase in 2024

South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides federal social grants to low-income households in South Africa. Every year, SASSA makes changes to these benefits to account for the rising cost of living and inflation. In 2024, there will be specific increases in the grants provided. This article will provide all the details regarding the SASSA Increase in 2024, including the possibility and the amounts of the increase.

SASSA Increase 2024

In 2024, SASSA will be delivering financial assistance to low-income households in South Africa. These federal benefits help with the cost of living and child care. The increase in grants aims to reduce corruption and improve the distribution of social grants on behalf of the South Africa Social Development Department.

SASSA Grant Increase: Will it Happen and How Much in 2024?

Currently, more than 45% of South Africans receive this assistance on a monthly basis. The SASSA Increase is specifically targeted towards low-income recipients who face various challenges. Starting from 2024, the benefits will increase from R510 to R520 to account for the rising cost of living and other economic factors. However, the exact amount of the increase will depend on ongoing assessments.

SASSA Increase 2024 Amount

In 2024, all federal benefits provided by SASSA, such as the old age pension, child grants, and disability benefits, will be increased by 5%. The South African Social Security Agency is responsible for reviewing grant applications and distributing benefits. For the new fiscal year, R66 billion funds will be allocated for these benefits, with an expected increase of R36 billion from the previous payments.

It is anticipated that the SASSA Increase in 2024 will range from 5% to 5.6%, resulting in an increase from R500 to R510. These monthly assistance grants aim to help beneficiaries and their families cope with inflation and provide sufficient income to cover their needs. SASSA aims to begin delivering these increased benefits from January 2nd, 2024.

The SASSA increase benefits low and moderate-income individuals based on their annual income. These grants help recipients manage their rising costs and save for the future. The increased benefits will provide much-needed financial assistance and stability to eligible individuals and families.

Possibility and Amount of SASSA Grant Increase in 2024

In 2024, the SASSA federal social grants will be increased by up to 5.6%. The old age pension grants will rise to R2,090 for individuals aged 60 to 75 years and R2,110 for individuals above the age of 75 years. The increase will also apply to disability grants, child support grants, foster care grants, and war veterans grants.

Here is a summary of the expected rates for the social grants provided by the South Africa Social Security Agency:

  • Old age pension: R2,090
  • Old age pension (recipients above the age of 75): R2,110
  • Disability grants: R2,090
  • Child support grants: R510
  • War veterans grants: R2,110
  • Care dependency grants: R2,090
  • Social relief of distress grants: R350

All these monthly assistance payments are expected to start from January 3rd, 2024. The social relief of distress grants will be provided from January 25th to January 31st, 2024. The increased benefits will be deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account, SASSA gold cards, or other designated payment methods.

To qualify for these benefits, individuals and families must meet the SASSA eligibility criteria. For single individuals, the income should be under R52,800, while for couples, the income must be under R105.6K. Additionally, child benefits will not be provided for more than six children, and financial conditions must be met for all federal benefits.