How to Check SASSA Status on Your Phone

Updated on January 19, 2024

SASSA Status Check Using Mobile and SMS: How to Check SASSA Status on Phone?

If you are a recipient of a social grant administered by SASSA, you can check your status using various methods, including online, Moya App, or through mobile and SMS. While checking your status online is the fastest way, many people still prefer using their mobile phones or SMS.

Each government grant has a different payment date, so it’s important to know the payment dates for your specific grant. The status checker allows you to find out whether your grant has been approved for a particular benefit period.

How to Check SASSA Status on Phone?

How to Check SASSA Status on Your Phone

You can check the status of your SASSA application or payment using your phone. The application status is used to check the progress of your submitted application, while the payment status shows the approval status and payment date.

One way to check your SASSA status is by dialing 1203210# on your phone. Follow the instructions provided in the prompt, enter your ID, and the correct status of your social benefit or grant will be displayed.

Another popular method is to send an SMS to 082 046 8553. In the message, enter your ID number followed by “status” (e.g. 4535654354 status) and send it. SASSA will shortly provide your status, assuming the entered ID and message format are correct.

An alternative method is to use WhatsApp. Save the number “082 046 8553” in your contacts and open WhatsApp to search for the number. Send a message saying “Hello” and a list of options will appear. Choose the option for status check and enter your ID number. The status will then be displayed.

Make sure you send the SMS or WhatsApp message from your registered number. If you use a different number, you will need to verify it by submitting the correct OTP (one-time password) sent to your registered phone number.

Alternatively, you can use the Moya app from the Play Store to check your SASSA status. Install the app, log in using your phone number or ID, and you will find an option to check the status of your grants. Enter your ID number and the status will be displayed.

All You Need to Know about SASSA Status Check

Keep in mind that you must enter your correct South African ID number for the tracker to show your status. Without the ID number, the status cannot be generated.

The status can show different results, such as “application complete,” “bank details pending,” “declined,” “approved,” or “reapplication pending.” Each status has a different meaning.

If you see a “declined” status, you can either wait for the next payment date or apply for a reconsideration. “Declined” usually appears when you no longer meet the eligibility criteria. However, it could also be due to an error or outdated information. In such cases, check your eligibility and then apply for reconsideration.

Reconsideration does not guarantee payment approval, as most payment rejections are due to beneficiaries’ ineligibility. If a payment is approved, you should receive it on the set date. If you don’t, contact SASSA to resolve the issue promptly.